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x or o (don't say no)

title: x or o (don't say no)
rating: g
pairing: park chanyeol & do kyungsoo
length: 560w
disclaimer: i do not own anything but the plot.
summary: there's a reason why chanyeol never gets rejected. kyungsoo finds that out personally.


"hey kyungsoo i like you! x or o?"

kyungsoo nearly trips over the dustbin in front of him because, uh.

he turns around and looks at chanyeol. chanyeol is dressed in his favourite hoodie that reads "LIFE IS MUSIC" in the front, tattered sweat pants hanging loosely on his hips. brown hair tickles the back of his neck. black frameless glasses perched on his nose. looks perfectly normal. or maybe normally perfect. wait.

"uh," is all he can get out of his twisted tongue and clamming throat. his palms start to sweat and he cleans it nervously on his shirt. "did you injure your brain as well?"

chanyeol frowns because he is confused at kyungsoo's question. kyungsoo frowns because he is upset at chanyeol's cuteness.

"i'm pretty sure kitty scratches are all i got." chanyeol puts up his sleeves and exposes all the various hello kitty plasters (kyungsoo had to remind him it was all caused by a kitty somehow) donning his arms to prove his point. "just answer my question! x or o?"

kyungsoo grips his bottle of water tightly. when he first took up the job of being the university campus' resident nurse, he never expected to meet someone like park chanyeol, who radiates sunshine and smiles like he has never done it before. chanyeol, who is accident-prone and comes back to the first aid room at least once every week with new scratches from minseok's cat, but still never fails to connect spiritually with it. chanyeol, who buys kyungsoo lunch and sometimes dinner and maybe also breakfast when he really didn't need to.

but kyungsoo doesn't know if he likes chanyeol. chanyeol grabs his wrist like they're absolutely fragile and laughs at his jokes even though his other friends do not. he gives kyungsoo the strawberries on his plate because he knows kyungsoo lives for them. and he unfolds the story of his life, words and hand gestures stringing scenarios together and it's all so magical in front of a boy who never dreams too high.

there's a pit of heat curling in his stomach and it feels more and more uncomfortable by the second because chanyeol is still staring, eyes filled with anticipation and mouth pursed with excitement. it curls in the same way that his toes and fingers are curling right now.

yes. this must mean something. this must mean kyungsoo doesn't like chanyeol the way chanyeol does and he is obliged to say no.

"i choose x," kyungsoo says, hoping that chanyeol overlooks the slight waver in his otherwise smooth voice. he straightens his back up in hopes of looking more confident.

while he expects chanyeol is visibly deflate and sulk back to his dorm room like the little puppy he actually is, he definitely doesn't expect the older male to beam right in his face and swoop in to press his lips gently against his.

when chanyeol pulls away and sees the look of shock etched on kyungsoo's face, he only pats his hair as comfort.

"you chose x! x for kisses, eh?"

kyungsoo now wants to curl up on the floor and cry because he should have known. but, he thinks as chanyeol grabs his hand and entangle them in his, maybe after he goes out on a pizza date with chanyeol first.

chanyeol doesn't take no for an answer, after all.

note: i was supposed to write a different chansoo for jana but i gave up and wrote this instead basically my chansoo headcanon + i hope people do use this method to propose in real life because that would be quite funny (sorry jana for shitty drabble)
Tags: fandom: exo, member: chanyeol, member: kyungsoo, pairing: chansoo
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